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Frequent questions

How are plants shipped to my location?

With transport companies or couriers (ELTA Courier or ACS couriers), depending on your region and the shipping cost borne by the customer, which is approximately €6.8 + VAT for plants or parcels under 10 kg and under 1.5 meter

What is our Pricing Policy

We try to keep prices as low as possible by directly importing containers from the largest artificial plant factories in the world absorbing as much as possible increases in transport costs so that we can achieve the best possible price for our customers

Are the plants suitable for outdoor space?

There are some plants that are more hardy and also special plants (usually large size outdoor palms) specially treated for better resistance outdoors. However, just as a car loses its color from the sun, plants do not have the endurance they would have indoors. Our customers report some years and about 2-5 depending on the conditions. Please contact us for more information.

Is it possible to install from LAIRA World Plants?

Only in the prefecture of Pieria and after consultation and a relevant fee.

Is it possible to change the product?

Yes, within one month of receipt, at customer's shipping cost unless otherwise agreed.

What are the payment methods?

By credit cards and by bank deposit: AlphaBank IBAN GR5801408410841002002003766 | Hatzilambrou Evangelos

How plants are placed. Are there instructions?

In an empty pot, we support the plant with whatever material we have (cardboards, plastic wrap, etc.) and/or with gravel. If desired, white decorative gravel looks good as a final layer on top of the pot.

There is representation by a partner in other regions of Greece

No, for now. We are looking for partners in some areas of Greece. Please contact us for more information.


Indoor plants

TOP 10

The best in SalesARTIFICIAL PLANTSCollection 2022-23

Palm 6 leaves 180 cm.

53.62  without GST

Margarita Aspri 150 cm.

26.94  without GST

Boch Holy spiral 325 leaves 145 cm.

98.76  without GST

Aloe Star Ferox 149 leaves 117 cm.

200.87  without GST

Mezcal 83 leaves 152 cm.

102.21  without GST

Lust 10 leaves 100 cm.

32.33  without GST

Orchid Pachyphylli 29 leaves 160 cm.

144.17  without GST

Sugar cane 7 trunks 71 leaves 317 cm.

115.23  without GST

Boston Fern 182Fyl.

91.64  without GST

Mandarin small 432 leaves 66 fruits 115 cm.

27.40  without GST

Shrubs & Planters

TOP 10

Orchid Dendrodio 46 cm.

5.14  without GST

Cyprus Alternating x8 45 cm.

6.50  without GST

Spathiphyllum B.X11 leaves 91 cm.

8.01  without GST

Eucalyptus 12 branches 166 leaves Purple 60 cm.

4.34  without GST

Monstera Ivy 154 leaves 97 cm

6.01  without GST

Aralia bush 308 leaves 90 cm.

13.48  without GST

Grass Mixed Bush x 60 leaves 57 cm.

5.85  without GST

Maidenhair Fern Bush x 22 leaves 45cm

7.61  without GST

Bamboo Lily 4 branches 107 leaves 54 cm.

7.74  without GST

Water lily 15 leaves 6fl3b A 75 cm.

9.39  without GST


TOP 10

Leaflets in glass 16 cm.

7.52  without GST

Grass in a silver pot 14 cm.

8.87  without GST

Grass with flowers white 19 cm.

17.65  without GST

Cactus in glass 18 cm.

15.80  without GST

Cacti 3004B Quartet

10.69  without GST

Chrysanthemum 336 leaves 84 flowers 46 cm.

22.79  without GST

Boston fern 62 leaves 60 cm.

27.20  without GST

Peach Bonzai 58 cm.

9.24  without GST

Ball Grass 120 leaves 48 cm.

12.32  without GST


TOP 10

Sandstone type pot light 50x50(28)X132 cm.

230.91  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 122x76x76 cm.

356.50  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 86x86x74 cm.

252.66  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 47X47X65 cm.

85.43  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 52X52X46 cm.

59.66  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 51X51X46 cm.

45.34  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 45X45X38 cm.

46.96  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 42X42X52 cm.

57.17  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 39X39X44 cm.

46.96  without GST

Sandstone type pot light 48X48X38 cm.

43.15  without GST


TOP 10

Hydrangea the Beautiful Branch 114 cm.

12.84  without GST

Sorvia Cream Cashmere Jana 117 cm.

13.15  without GST

Branch Xanthokera green 107 cm.

5.85  without GST

Bougainvillea Fuchs branch 110 cm.

6.65  without GST

Birchini Birch Branch green red 86 cm.

3.30  without GST

Tree branch (44 trees) 122 cm.

4.53  without GST

Akoros120 cm.

1.53  without GST

Orchid Leaf 72 cm.

1.39  without GST

Neck 78 cm.

1.20  without GST

Rose 11 leaves 1 flower 57 cm.

1.54  without GST


TOP 10

Canary palm tree 400 cm.

1,727.43  without GST

Banana Tree (I) 480 cm.

698.52  without GST

Wisteria Tree with Flowers 320 cm.

603.85  without GST

Royal Banana Tree 280 cm.

295.96  without GST

Palm 8 leaves 292 cm.

416.47  without GST

Banana tree 29 leaves 2 bunches 436 cm.

1,158.60  without GST

Ming Aralia tree 12740 leaves 390 cm.

1,952.08  without GST

Purple Fig Tree 268 cm.

299.69  without GST

Decoration of Professional Space

Decorate your office or business premises with artificial plants.

Every business space has large decoration and maintenance costs. Reduce both by choosing to decorate your store with artificial plants. Suitable for reception areas and for empty corners or other places.
A dark, murky space doesn't show dynamism and attention to detail to your customers, but it also demotivates your employees.

Without constant expenses for fertilizers, watering, pruning, artificial plants are the most suitable to liven up your space once and for all! Invest in green touches with artificial trees from LAIRA.

On our website you will find a variety of artificial plants and trees to match your space layout and furniture style. Large and smaller pots and indoor plants, artificial trees and ivy for a richer feel, we are here to help you choose. Whether you're building or renovating a new business space and want to add indoor or outdoor plants, or want to update existing decor, choose our artificial plants that look so natural that your customers won't be able to easily tell if they're real or fake. And Attention, ... they don't need watering 🙂

So if you think it's time to renew your space at a low cost, without having to pay every year to have plants, choose the company that specializes in exactly that.

“Shhh… they're fake!!!” — Laira Plants of the World.